Why Don’t We Take Telephone Orders?

We do not take orders over the phone because we offer online ordering with credit card payments through PayPal. This gives you a secure way to order without having to dictate your credit card information to an unknown person over the telephone. We cannot see your credit card number through PayPal, giving you an added layer of security. You are able to type in and verify your own information to ensure everything is correct before placing your order, avoiding processing errors that might delay your shipment.

Automating our ordering procedure online allows us to provide you with better customer service by making it easier to locate and process your order and providing you with email updates and tracking information. It also lets us continue to offer you low-cost products by reducing our expenses.

Click here to place your order via PayPal:  http://skyscanatomicclocks.com/site/shop/

If you are unable to order online you may always send us a check or money order. Please see our shopping tab for information on how to send a payment through the mail:




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