What is the maximum distance I can have the remote transmitter from my SkyScan Atomic Clock?

The maximum open-air distance is 82 feet in a straight line, although you should take into account distance and resistance. Subtract 25-30 feet for an exterior wall or any obstruction that is similar in width or composition. Subtract 15-20 feet per interior wall or any obstruction that is similar in width or composition. (An obstruction would include anything that is between the line of sight like a roof, walls, floors, ceilings, trees, etc.) Also keep your units away from electronic appliances like TV’s, microwaves, computers, refrigerators, and speakers.

The transmitter has trouble maintaining a signal through metal siding, stucco walls, and UV glass. You can get the remote transmitter to transmit through these materials, but it will take a little bit of trial and error. Reset the clock as mentioned above and change the angle that the remote transmits through the siding or glass until an outdoor temperature remains on the display for an extended period of time. Keep in mind that the signal from the remote must travel through some space (3 inches of air minimum) before reaching the metal wall or glass window.

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