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 What does DST mean on my SkyScan Atomic Clock?


What does DST mean on my Atomic Clock?

DST means Daylight Saving Time. As a default, this setting it is set to be “ON”. Arizona and parts of Indiana do not recognize DST changes. The areas that observe daylight savings time should keep their DST setting to “ON”. If you live in those areas that do not observe daylight savings time, you will need to change your DST setting to “OFF”. If you need to turn OFF your DST setting, for clocks with the button selection of:


First, you push the SET button twice. At the top of your LCD screen, you will see “ON” flashing. At bottom of your LCD screen, you will see “DST” flashing. Second, you will quickly push the (+) button to change the “ON” to “OFF”. Once you see the change from “ON” to “OFF”, do not push any more buttons. Your clock will update itself.

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