Why You Don’t Speak to a Human

We have heard from some customers that they were upset when they called the office and didn’t get to speak to a human right away. We are not a large call center. We only have one or two people available to handle phone inquiries. The customer service representatives are also responsible for processing and troubleshooting orders and may not always be available for immediate phone service. This is why we have developed the help desk to assist you with your atomic clock.

We hope your questions will be answered by referring to your owner’s manual available online www.skyscanatomicclocks.com/site/owners-manuals/ or looking through the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, you may submit an inquiry available on our FAQ tab: www.skyscanatomicclocks.com/support/ . We will attempt to answer your question as soon as possible.

During regular office hours, immediate webchat service is available by clicking on the green webchat box on the FAQ tab.

If you call our office you may listen to prerecorded tips on how to operate your clock, and you will be offered the opportunity to leave your email or mailing address and model number so that we may send you instructions for your clock. We are doing our best to address your issues, but in order to maintain the low cost of the clocks telephone service is not always available.

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