The Temperature on the Clock is Not the Same as in Your Car

thermometer-2If you hear the weather report on the radio and the temperature on your clock is different, please take into account the location of the thermometer on the weather report. The temperature and conditions at the airport or at the weather station could be vastly different from the temperature and conditions on your back porch.

Temperatures will vary based on the location of the thermometer.  The outdoor transmitter contains the thermometer. You may have several thermometers in the same room which show different temperatures because of where they are placed. This does not mean that the thermometers are malfunctioning.

A simple experiment will illustrate this: Take two thermometers and place them side by side. They should show the same temperature. Now place one on the floor and the other near the ceiling and allow them time to adjust. The temperature could vary by more than five degrees.

You could place a transmitter in an area of a shady yard that acts as a wind tunnel and another transmitter in a protected sunny part of the same yard and have the temperatures vary by up to 10 degrees. This does not mean that the transmitters are broken. They are simply reacting to the conditions where they are placed.

The variance specifications for our clocks allow for plus or minus two degrees. This means that if you place the transmitter next to the clock, the indoor and outdoor temperatures may vary by up to four degrees. This is because one temperature may be up to two degrees high and the other may be up to two degrees low allowing the two temperatures to differ by four degrees and still remain within the allowable variance.

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