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replacement transmittersNow you can order multiple Replacement Temperature Transmitters using our PayPal Shopping Cart. The cost is US $14.00 each.

Please review our Shipping Terms before placing your order! SHIPPING TERMS

Shipping is FREE. We ship to the United States and Canada only.  Canadian customers must use the “Order By Mail” option and pay in US funds.

To order, select your model and then click on “Add to Cart” button. Your Shopping Cart will open in a new window where you can modify the quantity and then Check Out.  If you do not see your model number on the drop-down list, it is no longer available. We have no way of obtaining transmitters for any clock models other than what are on the list.

When your order ships, PayPal will send an email confirmation to the address you specify. Allow 2-4 weeks to receive your transmitter via regular US postal service. Please do not call for the status of your order until you have checked the email address PayPal has on file for you, and it has been more than 4 weeks since you placed your order.

***If you have model 87310, please contact support before placing an order. ***

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To order your replacement transmitter by mail, please click here.  Order by Mail