Quick Reference Guide for Digital 4 Button Model


If you have the digital 4-button (SET, +, ALM, SNZ) model clock, you may use the following instructions to set your clock. If you have a different model, please refer to the manual by clicking here:  https://skyscanatomicclocks.com/site/user-manuals/

Please note that the ONLY function you need to program is the time zone if you do not live in the Eastern time zone.  All of the other functions are already programmed. If you want to change any of the functions, follow the simple instructions below.

  • Press and release the SET button as many times as indicated until the function you wish to change begins to flash.
  • Then press and release the PLUS (+) button while still flashing to change to the desired setting.


  1. Time Zone
  2. DST
  3. Language
  4. Hour
  5. Minutes
  6. Year
  7. Month
  8. Day
  9. Day of week
  10. Military time
  11. Temperature C/F


  1. Press SET 1 time: Time Zone: The time zone will flash in the date display. Press the plus (+) button to change to the proper time zone
    -5 EST, -6 CST, -7 MST, -8 PST.
    The US time zones must have a minus sign. If you have the number without a minus sign, keep pressing the + button until you see the abbreviation of your time zone in the day of week display, a minus sign in the month display, and your time zone number in the day display.
  2. Press SET 2 times: Daylight Savings (DST): The time will change to ON or OFF. Press the plus (+) button to change between ON and OFF (if you observe DST it must be ON – even in the winter).
  3. Press SET 3 times: Language: The time will change to a letter. Press the plus (+) button to change to US (or U5) for English.  (NOTE: Skip for model 88905)
  4. Press SET 4 times: Hour will flash: Press the plus (+) button to change the hour.
  5. Press SET 5 times: Minutes will flash: Press the plus (+) button to change the minutes.
  6. Press SET 6 times: Year: The day of the week will change to two numbers. Press the plus (+) button to change to the proper 2-digit year.
  7. Press SET 7 times: Month will flash: Press the plus (+) button to change the month.
  8. Press SET 8 times: Day will flash: Press the plus (+) button to change the day.
  9. Press SET 9 times: Day of week will flash: Press the plus (+) button to change the day of week.
  10. Press SET 10 times: Military: The minute display will read 12 or 24. Press the plus (+) button to change between 12 for regular time or 24 for military time.
  11. Press SET 11 times: Temperature: The time will read oF or oC. Press the plus (+) button to change between oF for Fahrenheit and oC for Celsius.

Note: If you live in Arizona please set your time zone to -7 MST and turn your DST to OFF.


If you push the plus (+) button when a function is not flashing, your clock will start counting seconds in the indoor or outdoor temperature or day of the week display. To stop the clock from counting seconds, press the plus (+) button until none of the displays are counting seconds.


If your outside temperature is not showing on your clock, that may mean that the clock and the transmitter have lost their connection. To reconnect the clock and the transmitter:

  • Bring the transmitter inside and take the batteries out of the clock and out of the transmitter for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes put the batteries back into the transmitter first, and then immediately into the clock.
  • Let both pieces sit side by side no more than a foot apart until you see a reading come up in the outdoor temperature spot.
  • When both the indoor and outdoor temperature show on your clock with the same reading, or within several degrees of each other, then you may put your transmitter back outside.

Remember to keep the transmitter out of the direct sun in a dry place. Also keep it away from metal, which can affect the readings. We suggest you use Duracell batteries for optimal performance.

If you are still experiencing difficulty, please refer to your manual by clicking here: https://skyscanatomicclocks.com/site/user-manuals/

If you would like to purchase a new transmitter please click here:  https://skyscanatomicclocks.com/site/shop/  (then click on the drop-down box that says “Please select your model number.”)


  • The clock will set itself to the Eastern time zone. The only function you need to set is your time zone if you are not in Eastern.
  • Please allow 24 hours for the clock to pick up the signal up and set itself.
  • It is best to set your clock up at night. The signal is strongest between 12 and 6 am. Put the clock in a window overnight until the clock sets.
  • If you remove batteries from the transmitter you must also remove the batteries from the clock. See the reset procedure inside.
  • Put the transmitter in a dry shaded area away from the sun and direct rain.
  • The maximum distance between clock and transmitter is 80 – 200 feet depending on the number of walls and obstructions.
  • If you have multiple clocks in the same household that use the same transmitter, you should only use one transmitter.
  • Keep your units away from electronic appliances such as TVs, microwaves, computers, refrigerators, and speakers.


  • – 4 Atlantic AST
  • – 5 Eastern EST
  • – 6 Central CST
  • – 7 Mountain MST
  • – 8 Pacific PST
  • – 9 Alaska /Aleutian AKST
  • -10 Hawaii HADT
  • 0 Greenwich Mean GMT


  • US English
  • F French
  • E Spanish
  • d German